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The Original Circusbus Party Bus

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CB+ (Upgraded Circus bus)

Circus Bus Plus Interior Circus bus has taken its traditional style party bus to the next level with this one of a kind party bus. The CB plus is packed with extra features to make sure you get a totally unique and memorable experience.

Party Bus Rentals in Port Perry

Due to popular demand, Circusbus no longer only services Toronto, we now service the entire GTA including Port Perry! That means you can get our fun and unique vehicles for your next group event at a fraction of the cost.

Rentals for any Group Size

Our buses range in size from just 10 passengers to 50 Passengers! Rent a Circus bus in Port Perry and you will get to expereince our one of a kind features such as:

Party Bus Features:

Unique Port Perry Party Bus Add-ons

Part of what makes Circusbus Party Bus in Port Perry so unique is our fully customizable party add-ons such as:

Party Bus Add-ons:

Port Perry Nightlife and Party Bus Packages

Port Perry Party Bus & Limo Bus Rentals

If you're planning to rent a party bus for a wedding or a sports event, you should know the basic costs involved. This article will cover the most important factors to consider when choosing a party bus in port perry. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of a party bus rental! Whether you're renting a party bus for a wedding, sports event, or other special occasion, you'll want to know how much it will cost.

Renting a party bus & limo bus for a sports event

If you're looking to rent a party bus for a sporting event, you've come to the right place. Often, people drive to events but don't consider the hassle of traveling back to their hotel. A party bus is the perfect way to get hyped up before a big game. Or, you could rent a party bus and experience the thrill of driving around town in style. Whether you're traveling to a concert or a baseball game, party bus rental services in port perry can make you feel like a VIP.
A circus bus party bus can be an excellent option for sporting events, as it is perfect for large groups. You can choose the party bus with the amenities you want. Some Party Buses even have a full bar, allowing you to bring your own alcohol and snacks. Some party buses have state-of-the-art features, making them perfect for sporting events. A Port Perry party bus rental with a lighting system and lounge seating is the perfect solution for a sports event.
If you're planning on having an adult crowd at the sporting event, you'll need to plan ahead. Most party buses have a bar, but you'll probably want to pack some ice so that you can store your favorite drinks inside. This will also make the bus easier to transport, so you'll never run out of ice again! Just remember to stay hydrated! And don't forget to drink responsibly!

Renting a party bus & limo bus for a wedding

If you are planning a large-scale wedding, you may want to rent a party bus to transport your guests. There are several advantages to renting this type of vehicle. Not only will it allow you to have a fun and memorable wedding, but you'll also be able to get all your guests where they need to go. With a party bus, you'll be able to move a large group of people in the same vehicle and enjoy the ride even more!
When renting a party bus for your wedding, you should choose a company that has experienced drivers and a variety of options for your wedding. A wedding shuttle will eliminate the stress and hassle of finding a ride for all your guests. It will also help you stay on schedule because the bus will be only serving your guests, ensuring that everyone arrives at the right time and location for your wedding. The final cost will depend on the amount of time the driver is on duty, but this is a small price to pay for a stress-free wedding.
A wedding shuttle is one of the best ways to move your guests from location to location. Weddings can be very long, so hiring a bus will make it much easier for your guests to get where they need to go. You can also decorate the party bus to fit your wedding theme. A wedding shuttle is especially helpful if the wedding party has many pit stops or a photoshoot. In addition, you can even have a television and sound system installed in the vehicle for everyone's entertainment.

Call To Book CircusBus Party Bus Rental in Port Perry

When you rent a party bus, the cost is determined by the number of hours the bus will be in service. Most party buses are available for four-hour blocks, which means that your total cost will include 4 hours of service and any wait time that is required. If you plan on booking the party bus for a few hours, you can save money by sharing the cost between a few friends. It will also be easier to pay for the whole cost of the party bus rental if you can all chip in.
Cost of a party bus rental depends on many factors, including the size and number of passengers. Some party bus companies charge a higher price for late-night service, and they're also more expensive than normal for the same duration of service. Many party buses are more luxurious and equipped with additional amenities, so they're designed to entertain, so they're usually more expensive than a normal vehicle. Regardless of the reason, it's worth it to consider all these factors when figuring out how much your party bus rental will cost.
You should always plan ahead to avoid paying high prices during peak times. Summer months are the busiest time of year for party bus services, but you can still save money by booking during the slow season and away from holidays. Generally, the cheapest days to rent a party bus are Monday through Thursday. Depending on the company, you can also get discounts if you book your party bus rental early. If you're not planning to use your party bus for a long period of time, it may be a good idea to book at least eight weeks in advance.


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